Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch for flying machetes....

Yep, watch out for flying machete jokes in Mississippi. I heard a few references last night, and this morning the headlines caught my eye.

It would seem that a local judge built an addition to his house.

So the tax assessor had to come look at the addition.

Well the tax assessor went to the door and rang the doorbell, nobody answered..... So he went around to the back of the house to look at the addition. While inspecting he was surprised to find a knife at his throat, and not just any knife, but a machete.

And who should be holding the machete???? Yep the judge.

Well in the assault case, it came out that the judge thought his life was in danger, and so he was protecting himself and his property (yep I can see that, I wouldn't mind protecting my property from the tax assessor too)

In the civil suit, the tax assessor felt his life was in danger (and it probably was)

The judge in the assault case threw out the case. He decided that since the judge thought his life was in danger, he was within his rights to use the machete.

Kinda sounds like the judges are sticking together right?

Well a year or so ago, the legislature enacted a bill that said that a person had the right to use deadly force if they felt that either themselves, their family, their home, or their car were in danger.

So last year the joke was about the guy who might get shot for running a stop sign. "Oh, but he was approaching my car at a high rate of speed, officer, I feared for the safety of my car and so I had to shoot him"

Now its all about the machete's. Last night I was asked on two occasions if someone needed to bring machete's to the soccer game.... just in case we feel that our kids are in danger on the field I guess.

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