Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The straw that broke the camels back.

There is a point where you finally say, "OK, time to go ahead and start that blog." This blog is 3 years in the making. Not that it took 3 years to build it. Rather it took me 3 years to actually start it.

Even when I did start it, about a month ago, I still did not get the first post published. That has been deleted and remade several times. I am not sure what makes me think the first post has to be perfect, certainly I am not, though don't tell my children that.

So what was the moment that made me start writing?

Well my mom has started on her life dream, traveling the countryside in an RV. She left Montana trying to stay ahead of the snow, and ended up here a month ago. This morning she left again as we don't get snow in Mississippi, we do get cold, and with a fore casted low of 15, it was time to head for the coast.

So we have been watching her travels by blog, and it was this that made me decide to go ahead and bite the bullet. Set up a blog to rant, rave, and otherwise vent my opinions to the world.

So here it is, my first post, short sweet and to the point.... don't expect it to become that way in the future (my writings are usually rather long winded).

Oh, and by the way, the afore mentioned blog is: http://vagabond-ventures.blogspot.com/

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