Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hehehe..... I get to write my first post dated a month ago, and this post dated today all at the same time..... wonders of computer technology. I think it was Einstein who decided time can be bent, maybe thats what I'm doing. Hopefully nothing breaks along the way.

As I mentioned in the previous post, my Mom left today on her further adventures.

I often think about my upbringing. One of the greatest mysteries of my youth was whether or not my parents remembered when they were young. Considering I have tons of memories stored of my youth, I believe that my parents too, DO remember being a kid, though I am sure I could not have believed it at a young age.

I am certainly a product of my parents. However I do lean a bit towards my mom. This is rather unfortunate in some ways because my dad has one attribute that I wish I had gained from him.... that of a "Do-er". I remember my dad getting a little circle of wood one year for Christmas with the words "To It" written on them. It was a "Round to it". This was never my father's weakness though. Him getting around to it, meant it would be fixed by the weekend.

My version of "a round do it" usually means I will get it done sometime before we move again. (we seem to do that every 3-5 years).

That would be one of the things I wish I had gotten from my Dad. I did get from him a love of mechanics and things with switches. Also I remember from my youth, my father having a reel to reel tape recorder in the late 60's. That was kinda breaking technology for the average homeowner/ice cream maker, so I guess I also inherited from him this love of breaking technology.... and yes he is still around and playing on the internet as well (though not with his own blog.... maybe that will come soon too).

The one part that I got from my mom that blended well with my gifts from my dad, was love of reading. I can read a novel, or paperback just fine, but my love was non-fiction. This is something my dad did not do. So there where times when his method of doing it by the seat of the pants, was just not going to get it done, and then the books came out, and I excelled. To this day, I prefer a book about the life and times of Tesla over anything done by Steven King any day.

Both of my parents were very patient people. And this compounded in me. Raising my children, teaching, driving, all benefited from these gifts.

My mother gave me many gifts as well, and often I see myself leaning towards her. She is a listener, a counselor by trade, and this ability flows through my veins as well. She is an educator, and follows the same life goal as I do, in that she learns and teaches. She once was a middle school teacher, then moved on to teaching people how to cope as a counselor, and now as she travels the country, she learns new things and teaches them to us on her blog. I think that her RVing is a blessing in multiple ways. It is something she has always wanted to do. It gives the rest of us hope that someday we too get full fill our life dreams. And one thing that I have always kept in the back of my mind is how lucky those of us who know her, are. As she travels, and meets new people, and others happen across her blog, they will join those of us who are lucky enough to know my mother. And who knows she may be counted among the lucky ones to know someone else's mother.

So as I said goodbye to my mother today, I knew that she goes off on a journey of greater importance. One that affects many people's lives in many different ways. And after all, she'll be back in the spring. Finally it shows too that my mother is a "Do-er" and with that from both sides.... maybe I can finally get a "round to it" of my own.

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V4Vagabond said...

This posting leaves me speechless and teary-eyed. I have felt so fortunate to have a son I could be so proud of and now I read these most beautiful rememberings and thoughts and want him to know that, always, I have learned so much from him, too. xxoo Vee